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Aluminum ceiling

These articles are all highly relevant Aluminum ceiling. I believe this information can help you understand Aluminum ceiling's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • 2018 manybest new design decorative aluminum ceiling aluminum clip in ceiling with beautiful


    First, the color is gorgeous, durable and does not fade; Second, environmental protection, fire prevention, moisture protection; Third, the variety of varieties, patterns, colors can be customized according to user requirements; Fourth, the art ceiling is full of individuality, the art aluminum ceil Read More

  • 2018 New launch- Aluminum Ceiling system


    Would you like to give your building a fresh new look with our new selection of aluminum ceiling system? Now check out our new designs as below, Read More

  • Aluminum strip ceiling installation process


    Installation process of aluminum gusset ceiling: 1. Elevation level: After preparing the basic materials, firstly, according to the elevation level of the decoration floor, according to the designed elevation, find the point of the room to be decorated, and draw the keel on the wall with the Read More

  • C-type aluminum strip ceiling and aluminum panel ceiling tiles


    Aluminum gusset plate is a common ceiling decoration material at present, and there are many types of aluminum gusset plates. C-type aluminum gusset plate is one of them. Because it is a strip type aluminum buckle structure, its decorative effect is much better than square aluminum buckle. The ceili Read More

  • What are the advantages of aluminum ceiling decoration?


    Advantages of aluminum panel ceiling: beautiful surface decoration For aluminum alloys, the most familiar ones are the doors and windows made of aluminum alloy. In fact, the application of this material in construction and decoration goes far beyond this. For example, in many commercial buildings, t Read More

  • Aluminum ceiling is suitable as the main material in ceiling decoration


    Is aluminum ceiling suitable as the main material in ceiling decoration? Of course, it can be used as the main material, and all aluminum ceilings are possible, which is also convenient. However, there is also a small amount of material used for decoration. Now, a variety of materials are mixed and Read More

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