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Aluminum strip ceiling installation process

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Aluminum strip ceiling installation process

Installation process of aluminum strip ceiling:

1. Elevation level: 

After preparing the basic materials, firstly, according to the elevation level of the decoration floor, according to the designed elevation, find the point of the room to be decorated, and draw the keel on the wall with the point of the room along the elevation level of the entire ceiling. Gear position line.

2, draw the position line of the file:

According to the level of the floor elevation, according to the design elevation, the horizontal level of the ceiling is raised along the wall, and the room point is found, and along the horizontal line of the ceiling, the room point is used to draw the keel position line on the wall, and the ceiling level is drawn. After the line and keel are positioned, determine the elevation at the lower end of the boom and install the finished ceiling.

3. Install the main keel:

The main keel is generally made of C38 light steel keel. The spacing is controlled within 1200mm. The ceiling and the connecting rod are connected with the main keel during installation. According to the net height requirement of the ceiling, the 25*25mm paint keel is fixed around the wall with cement nails. The spacing is not more than 300mm.

4, install the secondary keel:

The secondary keel is hung on the main keel by hanging pieces. When the length of the secondary keel needs to be extended, the secondary keel connecting piece is used to connect the opposite ends while the second keel is hung, and then straightened first. After fixing, the main keel, the side keel, and the secondary keel are installed. Set a reference line along the direction of the vertical secondary keel in the middle of the assembly area, and then align the reference lines to the two sides.

5. Install aluminum strip ceiling:

After the main keel and the secondary keel are installed, the aluminum strip ceiling needs to be installed. In the process of installing the aluminum strip panel ceiling, the gap is not required to be too large, and the aluminum strip ceiling panel of the entire ceiling should be installed flat to ensure Its beauty.

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