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How to choose aluminum ceiling for home decoration?

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 How to choose aluminum ceiling for home decoration?

Many people choose aluminum ceiling as the material of the ceiling when they are decorating. Usually there are two local aluminum ceilings, one is the bathroom, the other is the kitchen. At this time, the choice of aluminum ceiling should be considered. The aluminum gussets on the market are complicated, but in general there are only two types: flat-panel, white, and openwork patterns. Then, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing?

The aluminum ceiling of the bathroom should be chosen for the hollowed out pattern. After the ceiling of the bathroom is installed, the height of the house will drop a lot (the upper sewer pipe will be sealed on the ceiling). During the bathing, especially in winter, the water vapor will be scattered around. If the space is very narrow, people will soon feel bored, and people who are in poor health may even be at risk, but it is undoubtedly too cold to use air fans to circulate air. At this time, the ceiling of the openwork pattern will exert an excellent effect, which will make the water vapor not evade upwards, and together with its thin paper-like isolation layer, the temperature of the air in the upper and lower spaces will be changed, and the water vapor will rise to After the ceiling, it quickly condenses into water droplets, and it does not drip down on people. It can be said that it has achieved double results.

The aluminum ceiling of the kitchen should be flat. First, there is plenty of room for color selection. It can make your kitchen have a different charm and give yourself a good mood. Second, it is good to clean. This is the most important. In the kitchen, there are many inevitable fumes. Even if you cook less, the color of the kitchen will be noticeably dark after a year or two. When you are cleaning, the ceiling is a very important one, and almost 70 to 80% of the fumes are on the ceiling.

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