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What are the outstanding performance of aluminum panels for curtain wall?

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 What are the outstanding performance of aluminum panels for curtain wall?

1. Light weight and high strength
The aluminum panels have been used in architectural decoration for a long time. It can be used not only in the façade instead of the curtain wall, but also in the interior decoration, especially in many high-end commercial occasions. The excellent luster of the alloy to show off its luxurious taste. The aluminum panels themselves have good performance, and after simple processing, the surface is made into a corrugated shape, which can play the role of reinforcing ribs, greatly improving its own strength, and thus achieving better thickness with a thinner thickness. Stability.

2. Excellent weather resistance
Although many traditional decorative materials are beautiful, they are easily damaged in an outdoor environment. The aluminum alloy has outstanding performance in this respect. It has very good elasticity and can absorb huge impact force without breaking, so there is no need to worry about safety. At the same time, it can also be immune to the strong ultraviolet rays in the sun, and will never become brittle and aging as long as it is exposed to the sun as a normal plastic material.

3. Convenient recycling is environmentally friendly
The construction industry produces huge amounts of construction waste every year and is difficult to clean. At the same time, there are many indoor decorative materials that are also environmentally unfriendly, and may even pose a threat to human health. The aluminum panels are metal materials that can be completely recycled. Even after the premium, the aluminum panels can be re-melted and processed into aluminum products with no effect on performance. So from a big perspective, it is also an environmentally friendly material, and it is very worth promoting.

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