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Advantages of using Aluminum panels in subway stations

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Advantages of using Aluminum panels in subway stations

Subway aluminum panels

1.Subway aluminum panels benefits: reliable fire performance

When you take the subway every day, if you pay attention to look at, you will find the subway station, from the wall to the ceiling, the application of a lot of aluminum panels as adornment, also let the visual effect of the whole station is full of sense of science and technology and professionalism.The reason why use aluminum ceiling and aluminum curtain wall in great quantities to decorate actually, can be to beautify action not only, also be out of the consideration of safety at the same time.Because such a crowded closed environment as the subway, the fire must be prevented to the maximum extent.As a kind of metal material, aluminum panel no risk of fire at all, so it becomes the final choice.2.Subway aluminum panels benefits: quick and convenient installation

All over the country are actively building the subway, and the project is a race against time, so the construction plan should also take into account the need for speed.Compared with traditional decorative materials, aluminum panels are strong and durable without the risk of breakage, so transportation and construction are extremely convenient.It can be customized according to the designed shape and specification, and can be installed on site with a few screws.At the same time, the maintenance in the future will also be very convenient, the occurrence of damage directly take down a new piece of it.

3.Subway aluminum panels benefits: beauty and strength

Subway is the image of a city, so we must make full efforts in the appearance, not only concise and modern, but also reflect certain cultural characteristics.Aluminum panel when there is a high degree of appearance can be customized, complex shape and gorgeous color, can use a very simple process, and as long as a little modification on production line, can directly bulk production.

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