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Aluminum ceiling installation

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Aluminum ceiling installation

There are two installation methods for aluminum ceilings, such as light steel keel and wooden keel, because the wood will be deformed by the influence of temperature and humidity. In this way, the time is long, and the deformation between the wooden sides is large and small. The final result is uneven deformation of the ceiling. Instead, the light steel keel is installed. Since all the materials on the ceiling are made of metal, the deformation is minimized. Therefore, the installation method of the light steel keel is the most preferable.

Aluminum ceiling acceptance notice:
Aluminum ceiling and its matching keel are formed by metal sheet. The connection pattern of aluminum ceiling is insert type. In order to ensure that the connection is not loose, the connection structure should be more accurate. The adjustment range is small and the installation requirements are high. The installation level directly determines the effect of use. Many users say that when the cheap aluminum panel is purchased for less than half a year, the problem of the connection between the plate and the keel appears. Therefore, I remind you that if the top frame is not installed properly or the keel or aluminum ceiling is deformed, it is installed. In the middle of the hard plug, etc. will cause the ceiling of the aluminum ceiling to be uneven. Here, I suggest you buy a brand of aluminum ceiling with good quality and perfect after-sales service.

In order to avoid the unevenness of the aluminum ceiling, the following points should be noted in the decoration construction process:
(l) The purchased aluminum ceiling and the matching keel and fittings shall conform to the product quality requirements and shall not have bending deformation.
(2) During the transportation and stacking process, the aluminum ceiling should be placed flat, can not be pressed, and avoid the erosion of high temperature and harmful substances.
(3) The keel is installed flat and the spacing deviation should be controlled within 1.5 meters.
(4) When installing aluminum ceiling, if there is deviation in size, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in order, and must not be hard inserted to prevent deformation.
(5) Large-scale lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be fixed separately as keel and should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.

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