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PVC is falling out of favor, aluminum ceiling is more popular

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 PVC is falling out of favor, aluminum ceiling is more popular

There are many manufacturers of aluminum ceiling on the market. Ceilings are mainly used in airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, subway stations and residential buildings. There are gypsum board, mineral wool board, PVC, aluminum ceiling, on the market. The previous generation products are gypsum board and mineral wool board; the second generation is PVC; the third generation product is metal ceiling. Gypsum board and mineral wool board are also being improved continuously, with waterproof gypsum board and sound-absorbing mineral wool board. However, they have a single plate type and are not easy to scrub. They are installed for the open frame keel and are used for engineering. The PVC ceiling is made of polyvinyl chloride, the material is very light, the oxidation resistance is poor, it is not moisture-proof, fire-proof, easy to deform and discolor. At present, PVC in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other places is basically listed as a phase-out product. With the improvement of people's quality requirements for decoration, nowadays home decoration has basically used aluminum ceiling to make ceilings. The aluminum ceiling is fireproof, moisture proof, antistatic, sound absorbing and soundproof, and beautiful and practical, so it is more suitable for kitchen and bathroom with more water.  

Due to the light load of the aluminum ceiling, the shape of the plate is large, the lines are smooth, the color is rich, the appearance is good, and it is more pollution-free, environmentally friendly, fireproof, moisture-proof, non-discoloring, easy to install, easy to clean, etc., and more and more consumers. Pampering. At present, the surface treatment of the ceiling mainly includes three types: laminating, rolling coating and spraying, among which the laminating board is better.

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