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Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum gusset/Aluminum Clip in Ceiling

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Cleaning and maintenance of aluminum gusset/Aluminum Clip in Ceiling

Aluminum gusset panel is a new type of ceiling material. It has the advantages of fireproof, moisture proof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound-absorbing and sound-proof. Its common shape is long shape, square shape, etc. The surface has two kinds of plane and punching. The difference between the two is mainly in hardness. The microporous aluminum plate is also called the dark bone square aluminum lay in ceiling. The plate surface is flat, the joints are thin, and the design is simple and generous. The standard specifications of the microporous aluminum plate are 350x350mm, 600x600mm and 600x1200mm. The aluminum buckle plate is mainly tested for the gloss thickness of the paint film.

aluminum ceiling

Cleaning method: 

the cleaning of the kitchen integrated ceiling:     

The gusset panel of the kitchen is coated with more rolls, and there are a few brushed ones. It is also a better process in the roll coating. Because it is in the kitchen, there will be oil stains, then a small amount of detergent can be used, but If there is enough water to mix in, use a softer, water-absorbent cloth to wipe the water and scrub it. The force in the middle does not matter, but when it is on the four sides, the force should be light. Pay special attention to the fact that you don't want hard cloth and washing balls. If you scrub, you will leave a lot of small threads on the bright panel and damage the gusset. If it is a roller, if it is a film. Not very good. Another point is that if you use the cheap board, heavy, then be careful, because it has a lot of iron in it, not the aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, so it is more likely to rust after seeing the water. It is. After scrubbing with a soft towel for the first time, scrub it with water for the second time. Open the window and let it dry naturally. If the ventilation is not good, then use a good quality wipe once.

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