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How should we choose to face so many ceiling materials?

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 How should we choose to face so many ceiling materials?

The ceiling is not to be overlooked in the home decoration, the style of the ceiling will also directly affect the style of the entire home decoration. With the improvement of peoples living standards, peoples requirements for ceiling quality and fashion are getting higher and higher, from the initial simple ceiling to gypsum board, to todays PVC board, mineral wool board, aluminum ceiling, etc. Materials are starting to emerge, and we should choose how to choose from so many ceiling materials.

1, gypsum board, low quality and low price
Gypsum board, once a common ceiling material, has the biggest advantage of low quality and low price. The gypsum board should be installed with the keel first. Some ordinary gypsum boards will be sunk after being used for a long time. In today's modern home decoration ceiling materials, it has rarely been seen.

2, mineral wool board, good sound absorption
The mineral wool board is made of mineral fiber, and the biggest feature is that it has a good sound absorption effect. The surface of the mineral wool board has the effects of knurling and embossing, and the pattern is colorful, which can be soundproof, heat-insulated, fireproof, harmless to the human body, and has anti-sag function. Because of its large size, keel installation is required, so the mineral wool board ceiling is generally suitable for use in public places.

3, aluminum ceiling, fire and moisture
Aluminum ceilings are divided into grid ceilings, square gussets, strip gussets, etc. The surface can be divided into punching and plane. Aluminum ceilings are most suitable for use in places with high moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. The surface of the aluminum flower board is heat-cured by the coating, and has different gloss effects such as mercerizing, silk surface and mirror surface, and decorative pictures of various color patterns.

4, PVC board, practical economy
PVC panels are the most common and cheapest ceiling material in home improvement ceiling materials. Mainly PVC is used as raw material, flame retardant material is added in the production process, and it is safe to use. There are many types of patterns and patterns of PVC boards, most of which are mainly plain colors. The only shortcoming is that the high temperature resistance is not good, and it is easy to be deformed in a relatively hot environment for a long time. Therefore, the PVC board ceiling material is one of the materials more suitable for the household ceiling.

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