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How to choose the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling

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How to choose the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling

Aluminum Clip in Ceiling is very common at present top adornment material, it applies to the top adornment of kitchen and toilet extensively.It is not only very beautiful, but also has a good anti-corrosion, anti-shock, waterproof, fire, sound absorption performance.How should we buy the ceiling of aluminium gusset?

Some customers think that the thicker the ceiling, the better, in fact, this view is too one-sided.Generally speaking, the thickness of the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling in the home is 0.6mm.When selecting the Aluminum Ceiling, we need to see the specification of the product. The length and thickness of the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling are indicated on the product description.We can also determine the thickness of the aluminum panel with the naked eye and the feel of the hand.

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To judge the quality of Aluminum Ceiling, we must also check its elasticity and toughness.You can ask the merchant for a sample and bend it with your hand.If the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling will rebound to a certain extent after bending, the quality is better.If the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling bends or bounces badly, the quality of Aluminum Clip in Ceiling is inferior.

We should pay attention not only to the quality of the Aluminum Clip in Ceiling, but also to the quality of the keel.This is because when installing aluminium buckler condole top, need to use keel, keel divides again light steel keel and wooden square keel two kinds.Wooden keel is susceptible to deformation due to temperature and humidity, so we recommend light steel keel.The surface of the light steel keel with good quality is snowflake after galvanized.When you choose a ceiling, you can pay attention to whether the keel has a flake shaped galvanized surface.If snowflake pattern is clear, hand feel is harder, aperture is small to belong to the keel with better quality namely.

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