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How to customize a conventional aluminum panel?

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 How to customize a conventional aluminum panel?

Custom aluminum panel customization: determine the size 

Aluminum panels are widely used in commercial decoration. However, due to different designs, they are often separately customized, and the specific requirements are provided to the manufacturer, which can be completed in a short period of time. When submitting a custom request, the most basic is the size of the board, including the length of the data and the thickness requirements. Generally speaking, the larger the area of the aluminum panel, the thicker the thickness is required to ensure stability after installation. If it is a very large size, it can be reinforced by means of reinforcement, which can save a certain material cost.

Custom aluminum panel customization: determine appearance requirements The aluminum panels used in the decoration are often beautified by the public interest of punching. This can significantly provide ventilation and ventilation characteristics, but also ensure the lighting inside the building and reduce the weight of the board. There are various molds in the manufacturer that punch the aluminum plate, and the customer can select a specific shape according to the design requirements, including the shape and density of the hole. If it is a special hole, the manufacturer can also customize the mold separately, but if the batch is too small, it will lead to price increase.

Custom aluminum panel customization: determine the coating variety The aluminum panel for indoor applications can be used with ordinary paint. In the case of aluminum veneers used as curtain walls, fluorocarbon paint is generally used to ensure a sufficient service life. Fluorocarbon paint is currently the best performance coating, but the price will be more expensive. At the same time, the fluorocarbon paint also needs to be matched with the imported spray gun when it is used in the drawing, and it will bring certain hardware loss. These costs will ultimately need to be borne by the customer.

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