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Installation of Aluminum Strip Ceiling

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Installation of Aluminum Strip Ceiling

Aluminum Strip Ceiling, apply to the use of large public places, this structure has beautiful and easy, lines and lively, can be used according to different environment, use the corresponding specifications of smallpox bolt, a combination of multiple change graphics for easy installation.

Aluminium alloy strip ceiling Installation points:

1.the first keel to strengthen the overall flatness, more safe and quick installation, as long as the switch will be keel level after using this structure is special connection card code, keel and dedicated to fasten.

2.good pull special keel according to the level of straight line and the spacing between the keel, keel (special normal spacing of 0.8 m) pay attention to the unity of the lateral upper interval, line, or install bar effect will have skewed phenomenon.After the keel is hoisted, the hanging plate can be directly inserted into the clamping position.

3.The strip ceiling will be firmly stuck in the position with its own special design, and then the windbreak button will be inserted into the concave position of the keel to ensure that it can withstand the wind force above level 6.The position and spacing of the keel can not exceed 20CM, which will affect the aesthetic degree of trimming.

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