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Introduction to the characteristics of aluminum ceiling

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Introduction to the characteristics of aluminum ceiling

A good interior decoration, we are all from the top down. The first thing that bears the brunt of the ceiling is the decoration of the ceiling. In modern homes, few people use cement to paint the ceiling. The more common one is the aluminum ceiling. So what are the advantages of aluminum ceilings? Why are there so many people choosing aluminum ceilings? How to install it? Let Xiaobian tell everyone below.

aluminum baffle ceiling

First, the advantages 1. Anti-smoke: It is made of PVC high-gloss film. If it is contaminated with oily fumes, it is easy to clean. 2, wear resistance: special PET layer, sturdy and durable. 3, anti-humidity: surface film, reduce the direct contact between water and aluminum, durability. 4, good touch: the surface has a film, the touch is smooth, changing the metal material cold and single feeling. 5, more colors: bright colors, a variety of colors, you can choose. 6, the price: moderate price, good value for money, value for money.

aluminum ceiling boardSecond, the installation 1. Install the aluminum trimming angle according to the same level. 2. Adjust the distance and install the boom at the appropriate spacing. 3. Connect the hanging parts pre-assembled on the triangular keel with the triangular keel and the light steel keel in the vertical direction according to the spacing of the plates, and then adjust the level. 4. Press the two sides of the square plate into the keel of the triangle keel in parallel. After finding the right angle at both ends of the horizontal direction, pull the straight line and press the row to press the plate. After each row, adjust the plate once to ensure the surface is flat. The board is vertical. 5. When tying the board, remember to wear gloves. If you don't wear it, it will be easy to leave a stain on the board.

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