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Outdoor curtain wall for aluminum grid

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Outdoor curtain wall for aluminum grid

Outdoor curtain wall for aluminum grid In people's inherent thinking, the most important use of aluminum grid products is in indoor ceiling decoration. It is well known that Aluminum Grid Ceiling has an open view, ventilation, and ventilation. Its lines are bright and tidy, and the layers are distinct, reflecting the simplicity and modernity. The style is simple and convenient to install and disassemble. In recent years, there are some things that are particularly prominent in the decorative materials. The aluminum square-pass products are widely used in: indoor ceiling decoration for large-scale people such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, stations, subways, corridors, etc. These places add capital. 


But you know? Aluminum Fangtong is not only used in indoor ceilings, but today I want to introduce you to the application of aluminum grid in outdoor curtain wall. Fangtong products usually have two categories: aluminum square pass and aluminum aluminum square pass. Aluminium square products are commonly used in interior decoration. The surface of the profile aluminum square pass can be directly used for exterior decoration of the building after special treatment. The profile aluminum aluminum pass product is extruded by aluminum. The strength and hardness of the product are far superior to other products, and can be directly used for exterior wall decoration. Meet the wind pressure resistance of the exterior wall and good decoration. Showing people different styles, as if giving the building a new life and a different posture.

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