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Professional decorative Aluminum strip ceiling advantages

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Professional decorative Aluminum strip ceiling advantages

1. Beautiful appearance and flexible combination. The aluminum strip ceiling has clear and smooth lines and a versatile appearance. Different panel sizes can be flexibly matched to provide designers with more design ideas and different decorative effects.      

2, the structure is simple, easy to install and easy to unload. The product is a standard keel snap-on structure, the appearance is flat and the structure is simple. When installing, it is only necessary to hoist the keel according to the horizontal line, and the board can be buckled up, and the disassembly and maintenance is also simple.      

3, fire and moisture, sound absorption and insulation. The product is covered with a non-assisted sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton on the back to provide better sound absorption, and it has the functions of sound absorption, heat preservation, fire prevention and moisture resistance.      

4. Practicality and wide application. The products are suitable for high-grade office buildings, corridors, airports, banks, exhibition halls, public toilets and private residences. They have good decorative effects in all kinds of decoration. Combining practicality and beauty, it is the advantage and charm of aluminum strip buckle ceiling. With the prosperity of decoration industry, it will be more and more popular.


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