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Aluminum Ceiling Why Die Hole Punched Aluminum Ceiling

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Aluminum Ceiling Why Die Hole Punched Aluminum Ceiling

Punching ceilings include punched aluminum gussets, perforated aluminum slats and other products, among which the punched aluminum gussets are one of the hottest products. The punched aluminum gussets have many punching patterns and also have sound-absorbing functions.In noisy and busy cities, noise pollution is very serious. In particular, some houses near the roadside are greatly affected by noise. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the use in home furnishings. Sound-absorbing materials should not use materials that will enhance noise. For the ceiling decoration, the punched aluminum buckle plate can achieve a good sound absorption effect.

The reflection of the sound of the punched aluminum clip in ceiling is small. When sound waves are incident on the surface of the porous material, they cause air vibrations in the micropores. Due to the frictional resistance, the viscous resistance of the air, and the heat conduction, a considerable part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy, thereby acting as a sound-absorbing effect. And punching aluminum buckle plate air permeability is good, is a typical sound-absorbing, breathable aluminum ceiling.

Square ceiling, widest applicable among all type of ceiling with outstanding advantages. Plain or pattern can be selected according to the actual requirement. Clip in system which is concealed, steady structure, flat surface, could be both used as ceiling and wall panel.

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