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Wide application of molded aluminum panels

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Wide application of molded aluminum panels

   With many individual buildings entering the city, aluminum panels have entered the peoples field of vision extensively. While people are amazed, Zhengyi Building is proud of being behind it! Zhengyi Building Materials achieved the overall concept of architectural function and art by using appropriate aluminum panel products through proportional scrutiny, scale grasping, node research, material selection, color analysis, etc.
   The personalized space design can meet the functional needs of the space through the aluminum curtain wall of Zhengyi Building Materials, and the professional design of the specific shape shows the spatial personality style. Zhengyi Building Aluminum Slabs are precisely combined with the concept of architectural design, and according to the visual characteristics of space design, the superior performance of aluminum veneer products is fully reflected. The three-dimensional aluminum ceiling art reflects the space separation creativity, bold imagination, and breaks through the constraints of space design.
   Aluminum veneer is the most extensive of modern building materials. Its advantage is that it is durable and can be molded in any shape. In particular, it is the best choice for the façade material of high-rise buildings. The surface can also have different lacquer finishes and coatings. It enriches peoples visual feast in color and reflects the personality characteristics of modern architecture. Zhengyi Buildings requirements for products are only harsh and there is no relaxation. While constantly improving the quality of products, we are constantly innovating in terms of product styling and color, and strive for excellence, using advanced architectural and decorative art concepts, in order to meet the test of time.

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