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Comparison of several aluminum panels that are most popular in the market

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Comparison of several aluminum panels that are most popular in the market

The rapid development of the construction industry has opened the curtain of the application of aluminum panels. With the popularization and development of aluminum panels, China's aluminum curtain wall industry has trained a large number of technicians with practical experience, and its design and research and development capabilities are leading the world. A group of domestic aluminum panels manufacturers who have accumulated rich practical experience and have the highest construction capacity in the world have also entered a stage of continuous, scientific and stable development, and strode to the world, making due contributions to the beautification of world urban architecture.

Fluorocarbon aluminum panel. The outdoor environment is complex, or it is hot and roasting, or wind and rain, and acid rain and salt spray from time to time. Only the fluorocarbon aluminum panel can withstand the test of such bad weather and stand in an invincible position in the building. The aluminum panel has undergone a rigorous coating and a large number of pre-examination tests. The aluminum veneer is exposed to the extreme external environment in a timely manner, and the surface of the aluminum panel does not appear powdery paint film. It is durable and resistant. Practical advantages such as strong corrosion performance.

2018 aluminum clip in ceiling

Wood grain aluminum panel. More and more people like to use the imitation wood color decoration style in the home and office decoration to meet their many expectations. Returning to nature, everything is simple and imitation wood color shows a natural decoration atmosphere, giving a comfortable and relaxing feeling. The wood veneer pattern of aluminum veneer is rich and vivid, the texture is clear and natural, it can not fade under the sun for a long time, it does not crack, does not fall off, does not deform, has good anti-aging and weather resistance, and is now widely used in subway, high-speed railway station, station, Interior and exterior decoration of airports, large shopping malls, passages, leisure places, public restrooms, building exteriors, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and convention centers.

Multi-color aluminum panel. The color of the aluminum veneer is not only white, gray, red, yellow, etc., wood grain color, stone color can also be included in it, through various processes can attach the desired pattern color to the surface of the veneer board, which is beneficial to The architect's imagination is fully utilized. Through the in-depth study of the latest technology of multi-color fluorocarbon painting technology, aluminum panels manufacturers have developed two-color aluminum veneers with outdoor warranty for more than 10 years, which breaks the limitation of conventional multi-color silk screen printing for 3 months. Multi-color aluminum veneers are widely used in outdoor curtain walls, interior curtain walls, ceilings, cinemas, hospitals, etc.

aluminum curtain wall

Shaped aluminum panels. In many large public places or large-scale buildings in the choice of decorative materials, the shape of the aluminum veneer is highly variable, which is favored by developers. In order to ensure that each building project has a unique appearance, the design style, material and color of the shaped aluminum veneer provide customers with a wide range of choices, which can be processed into various plate types, and any concave and convex lines can be added. Curved lines, etc., provide architects with valuable design ideas and visual feasts. The shape of the aluminum veneer is of great artistic value and viewing performance.

hyperbolic aluminum panel

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